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The Village at Oubaai represents a structure dating from ancient times, offering residential clusters radiating from a central core, which provides communal amenities and facilities. A unique feature is the water body, in the form of cascading waterways and ponds, providing waterfront properties along its entire edge. The water body is seamed by a promenade making for easy pedestrian access. In addition, walking routes are structured to take advantage of unique settings, focal points and destinations, resulting in an experience traditionally associated with ancient villages.

This design connects the countryside with privacy, key to each separate apartment, whilst deliberately creating a sense of communal contact. The Village has been planned with care to preserve the natural beauty of the splendid environment. The Village offers co-existence with the natural environment. Wherever you are in the Village, a constantly changing tapestry of water and land, of season and fauna, will always please your eye.

Village Heights

These apartments are situated on the southern side of the village. Views vary between sea, Outeniqua mountains and golf course. Many of the apartments are situated in the main water body.

Village Falls

These apartments are situated on the north-eastern side of the development and boast Outeniqua mountains and golf course views with distant sea views as a bonus, most apartments are situated in the cascading water body.

Village Terrace

These apartments are situated on the northern side of the Village and have stupendous views of the Outeniqua mountain range across the rural farmlands. Various cascading water features are also present.


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